Making Sure My Kids Are On Track

Making Sure My Kids Are On Track

Signs It's Time To Consider A Different Learning Approach For Your Child

Jackson Henry

Children don't just come in different shapes and sizes, but they're also all very different when it comes to their development. This is particularly true when it comes to academics. Traditional classroom settings aren't always the best solution for every child. As a parent, it's your responsibility to ensure your child is granted access to the best possible education. Take some time to learn the signs that might indicate that your child is in need of a different learning approach.

Decline In Interest

If your child enjoyed school and completing assignments but has recently shown a decline in interest, it could be the learning approach. Children having a reduced level of engagement or constantly making negative comments about school are two things to look out for. Make certain you're investigating this issue as there are a number of outside factors that can cause a similar outcome, such as bullying. However, after eliminating an outside cause, it might be time to focus in on the learning approach.

Negative Feedback From Staff

It might also be worth investigating if your child seems to constantly get negative feedback from staff members at their school. This is especially true if your child's negative behavior is different from their normal pattern. In some cases, a child who isn't having their interest stimulated may act out due to boredom. The staff might interpret this as a behavioral issue when in fact the child simply isn't being properly stimulated with the current education system to keep their attention.

An Alternative

If your child is displaying signs that indicate a traditional learning approach may not be the best solution for them, there is an alternative. A child centered charter education is that alternative. Child centered programs operate on the idea that all children are unique and learn at a different pace from the other students in their class. With this type of approach, the specific needs of each student holds greater merit than the needs of the classroom as a whole.

Students are allowed to spend as little or as much time as they need progressing through the different topics introduced in class. Additionally, children are offered the opportunity to choose which instructional activities they will engage in throughout the day. For example, a student taking a science course will have the option of reading over instructional material or completing a hands-on project.

A child centered charter education can assist your child in meeting their educational goals. This won't just create for a more enjoyable experience for your child, but also a more rewarding one. For more information, contact a charter school like Freedom Academy.


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Making Sure My Kids Are On Track

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