Making Sure My Kids Are On Track

Making Sure My Kids Are On Track

How To Help Your Shy Child Be More Comfortable In The World

Jackson Henry

Of course many children are uncomfortable in new situations, especially when they're really little. However, if you feel that your child is missing out on life's experiences because of excessive shyness, here are some ideas that might help.

Start At Home - Because your child is probably most comfortable right in the home setting, think about bringing the world into your home. Even though it may seem obvious to set up play dates, it's the way you orchestrate those dates that will make them successful. Perhaps it would be good to start with short activities. Inviting another parent and only one child at a time for juice and cookies or planning to play one game together may be a good way to start. Adding different friends at a time will be great preparation for the time your child may go to daycare.

Include Adults - Think about asking special friends and family members to just come to your house to knock on the door or to ring the doorbell. When it's time to open the door, invite your child to be with you to greet your visitor. Asking the person ahead of time to include your child in a short visit at the door will make him or her feel and included. Being comfortable with other adults will show your child that parents aren't the only safe and fun people in the world.

Away From Home - When you plan carefully, meeting other people outside of your home can be a lot of fun.

  • Now that other children and adults have come to your home, think about visiting them.
  • Think about making cookies with your child and then delivering them to the people he or she has already met.
  • Another idea is to encourage your child to color a picture to be delivered to a friend.
  • When you are going to a museum or to a movie, consider asking your child to be the one to give the clerk your tickets.
  • When you are ordering food, see if your child will greet the worker and maybe even help you place the order

Structured Play - Daycare is another good place for your child to come out of his or her shell. When you select a daycare, consider finding one with a very nurturing caretaker. It might be a good idea to start with just a visit to the facility, and then adding extra time until your child feels very comfortable in the daycare setting. Your child will then be introduced to other children who will become part of his or her world. Visit local daycare, such as Mountainside School, to find a good fit.

Before you take your child to his or her first time at daycare it's a good idea to find out if something from home can be brought. For example, bringing a favorite small toy or a coloring book might make your child feel more comfortable away from home.


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Making Sure My Kids Are On Track

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